July Lunch & Learn: Keto Diet, Ketosis and Ketones – What’s the Buzz About?

Join us on Wednesday July 18 for our Lunch and Learn entitled: Keto Diet, Ketosis and Ketones – What’s all the BUZZ about?  Since the 1970’s, the recommended American diet has consisted of low fat, moderate protein and high carbohydrates. Studies over recent years are showing that this Standard American Diet (SAD) may not be as healthy as once thought and could be contributing to some diseases. A Keto Diet, which is low carbohydrates and high healthy fat, is becoming “all the buzz” in Health and Wellness circles, but it’s not a new fad, it’s an old remedy. Join us for an informative session on why this “old remedy” is becoming popular. You will learn what Ketosis is and why being in Ketosis gives you better energy, focus and mood and can contribute to a longer and healthier life.  Presentation will be by Barry Bevier, Naturopathic Health and Wellness Advocate and Pruvit Promoter. Complimentary Keto Friendly Lunch will be provided.

There is no cost to participate, however, space is limited and an R.S.V.P. is appreciated: info@vistachamber.org or 760-726-1122.

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