CEO’s Message

Show Your Vista Pride

March, 2014

Have you ever pondered how difficult it is to live day-in and day-out in the climatic wonderland of the world – as we all do here in Vista?  Obviously someone has to do it, but it can be really rough.  For instance, I bet that Vista produces far less meteorologists than any other city in the United States.  If we stop to think about it, how inspired can one be to study the weather when you have over 330 days of sunshine per year and an average daily temperature of 70 degrees?  I don’t know how the conversation goes in your house, but in mine it goes something like this: My wife, “What’s the weather supposed to be today?”  Me: “I don’t know.”  Wife: “Never mind.  It will be 70 degrees and sunny, just like yesterday.”  Rough living, to say the least! It wasn’t until I went away to college that I realized that people literally did check the weather forecast on a daily basis – such a shallow upbringing I had growing up here.

All kidding aside, the ideal weather is only one reason to be excited to live in Vista.  Our community has many other great features as well. We have a thriving arts community, a growing microbrewery mecca, improving schools, affordable homes, rolling hills, great parks, and much, much more.

In light of this great community we live in, we here at the Chamber would like to encourage you go out and show some Vista Pride!  How, you may ask?  By taking a picture of yourself in some Vista gear when you go on vacation or on a business trip somewhere.    Then send the picture of yourself and/or family to and we will publish it in our Vista Magazine. Of course you will need to provide names and locations, but how fun could this be?  (Tip: please take high resolutions photos, or we won’t be able to print them out).

Our first volunteer in this endeavor was Dee Dee Timmons and her husband Craig.  Dee Dee owns the Allstate Insurance Office in downtown Vista on Broadway. Dee Dee and Craig took their Vista gear on a cruise ship and took pictures of themselves all over the place.  In doing this, they drew the attention of the Cruise Director of their ship.  As it turns out, the Cruise Director, named Keith Williams, knew all about Vista because he had graduated from Vista High School in 1979 – small world! Dee Dee and Craig were having so much fun with this that they started putting Vista shirts on people they met along the way: Alexis in Panama, Diego in Costa Rica, Juan in Cabo San Lucas, a few statues they encountered and more.

You don’t have to be as outgoing as all that to participate, but we would love to see you take Vista with you.   If you don’t have any Vista gear, stop by the Chamber office, we have Vista t-shirts for $10.00.  At the Strawberry Festival this year we will have multiple different shirts for reasonable prices. Or you could take a Vista Magazine (for free) and hold up a picture of yourself with the magazine.   We just want to see you show off Vista a bit.

After all, it is a wonder life!

Viva Vista

Bret Schanzenbach
Vista Chamber of Commerce

Our weather forecast is from WP Wunderground