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Staff Online BretJune, 2015

Rising Stars of the Year

Last fall I wrote about the Chamber’s new education initiative that was designed to bring the community together to honor our local high school seniors for demonstrating character, integrity, and love of learning while making a difference in their home, school and community. We refer to this program as the Rising Star of the Month program. On May 8, the Chamber hosted its first annual Rising Star of the Year Scholarship Breakfast as a culmination of the year.

Throughout the school year, the chamber honored 48 local high school seniors from nine different high schools at the monthly breakfasts.  Those 48 students were the only students eligible to apply for the Rising Star of the Year Scholarship.  Eight students were awarded $1,000 college scholarships at the breakfast on May 8.

2015.05.08 Rising Star of the YEAR Group VP.jpeg
Here is a brief snapshot of those eight students honored:
•    Manny Amial (Guajome Park Academy): Manny plans to attend Cal State Berkley and major in Sociology.  Manny would like to be a professor after college.
•    Peter Trejo (Rancho Buena Vista High School): Peter plans to attend UC Irvine and major in Biology.  Peter may go into medicine or become a professor.
•    Mallory Muehlbaur (Mission Vista High School): Mallory plans to attend BYU and participate on their golf team. Mallory is undecided on her undergraduate major but wants to eventually pursue a Law Degree and a career in law.
•    Natalie Guy (Major General Raymond Murray): Natalie plans to attend Mira Costa and then transfer to a University with the intention of pursuing her Law Degree and a career in law.
•    Karalee Baldwin (Tri-City Christian): Karalee plans to attend Cal State Northridge and major in American Sign Language. She would like to become an American Sign Language teacher.
•    Dylan Stover (Vista High): Dylan plans to attend Cal State Berkley and major in Environmental Studies.  Dylan would like to save the world (literally).
•    Yesenia Navarro (Vista High): Yessenia plans to attend Cal State San Marcos and major in Education. Yessenia would like to become the Superintendent of Schools (watch out Dr. Vodicka).
•    Britni Chau (Vista High): Britni plans to attend Stanford and major in Environmental Studies. Britni was talking an AP test that morning and was not able to join us.

Over 60 community, civic and business leaders gathered at Vista Entertainment Center to hear from and acknowledge these students. One of the most inspiring pieces of this program is hearing the obstacles that these students have had to overcome to keep education as a top priority in their life.  Their commitment and perseverance will serve them well in life as they move forward.

One of the reasons we started this program was to encourage them to come back to our community to make a difference after they complete their college education.  Realistically, we know that not all of them will stay close to home.  But if we can have half of them come back to North County after they finish college, we will be in good shape as a community! These students make our future look bright!

Viva Vista!

Bret Schanzenbach
Vista Chamber of Commerce

Photo Caption (left to right):  Manny Amial (Guajome Park Academy), Peter Trejo (Rancho Buena Vista High School), Mallory Muehlbaur (Mission Vista High School), Natalie Guy (Major General Raymond Murray), Karalee Baldwin (Tri-City Christian), Dylan Stover (Vista High School), Yesenia Navarro (Vista High School). Note: Britni Chau (Vista High School) was unable to attend and is not pictured.